Tomas Sjoberg

Tomas Sjoberg

I was born in 1984 in Brussels so I was exposed to a strong beer culture and so I’ve enjoyed my first beer as well as many classic belgian ales already at a young age.

Because I’m also a Finnish citizen (hence my name Sjöberg) I decided to leave Belgium in 2010 to work in Finland but the beer scene there was basically non existent at that time. I then realized how important it was for me to be surrounded by quality and diverse beers and at the same time I recognized that I didn’t know anything about beer nor about the Belgian beer culture. This awareness launched my lifelong passion to learn about beer and brewing.


Important years for me:

2011: First beer book “Tasting beer” by Randy Mosher
2014: homebrewing
2015: Instagram “blog” @craftbeerdy
2017: judging beer
2019: working for 1.5 year at breweries in Sweden and Estonia and administered the first bjcp tasting exams in Belgium and Finland as well
March 2021: started my company Fluid Boundaries Brewing with which I do consulting for the small craft brewing industry in Finland.

You can read more details about my experiences and education below.

Main work experiences:

•As consultant: Uusi Oluttehdas brewery (recipe development and business strategy); Olutmylly brewery (brewing, cellaring and recipe development); Karvilan Panimo (brewing with new 25HL 3 vessels brewhouse and cellaring); Keuda Vocational School’s Brewing program (off-flavor tasting classes); Volfas Engelmann brewery (recipe development/collaboration); Honkavuori Panimo (recipe development, yeast selection and guidance for participation in beer competitions)

•As employee and volunteer: Purtse Brewery (Head Brewer); O/O brewing (cellar and assistant brewer); Pühaste brewery (cellar); Mikkeller Beer Celebration 2017, 2018 & 2019 (Copenhagen); SOPP 2021 (Helsinki) ; Billie’s Festival 2019 (Antwerp); Great American Beer Festival – Draft Team 2019 (Denver); Mash Beer Fest 2018 (Barcelona); EurHop! 2018 (Rome)

Main brewing certifications/education:

•Brewery Safety training by Brewers Association (2021)
•”Beer: the science of brewing” by KU Leuven University (2021)
•Module 1 “Materials and Wort” of Diploma in Brewing by Institute of Brewing and Distilling (2018)
•Beer Quality: Flavor course (Instructor: Dr Charlie Bamforth) by UC Davis Extension (2018)
•Beer Quality and Analysis Series: Microbiology and Beer Analysis | Quality Assurance | Brewery and Hop Farm Tour course (Instructor: Dr. Thomas Shellhammer) by Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon (2018)
•Beer microbiology for Brewers workshop by UC Davis Robert Mondavi Institute (2018)
•General Certificates in Brewing and Packaging by Institute of Brewing and Distilling (2017).

Judging experience:

•Commercial: CICA 2021; Birra del’anno 2019 & 2020; Austrian Beer Challenge 2018, 2019 & 2021; SOPP (Finland) 2018 & 2021; Piwo Grodzisk 2019

•Homebrew: National Homebrew Conference finals 2018 (Portland, USA); Warsaw Homebrewers Competition 2021; UK National Homebrew competition 2017; BrewCon World Series 2017 & 2019; Lager Than Life 2019; London South East Homebrew Comp 2018

Judging & Tasting Certifications:

•Certified BJCP beer judge since 2018 (score 80)
•Beer & Food Pairing certificate by Brewers Association (2018)
•Doemens/Siebel Beer Sommelier (2017)
•Certified Cicerone® (2017)

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