Ghent hosts the renowned Brussels Beer Challenge

This year, the prestigious Brussels Beer Challenge will be held in Ghent, a city known for its historical charm and cultural richness. The event will take place from November 5th to 7th at the Saint Peter’s Abbey, a venue that underscores the rich cultural tradition of the region.

Ghent, with its vibrant atmosphere and historical landmarks, provides a magnificent setting for this leading beer competition. The city is proud of its ability to embrace both tradition and innovation, making it the perfect host for the Brussels Beer Challenge.

The city also boasts a fantastic beer culture with breweries such as Brouwerij Huyghe & Artevelde Stadsbrouwerij, Stadsbrouwerij Gruut, Dok Brewing Company, Stroom, Beerselect, …and countless cafés.

This year, we promise an exceptional experience. The competition will not only showcase the best beers from around the world but also the rich beer culture that Ghent and Belgium have to offer.

About the Brussels Beer Challenge

The Brussels Beer Challenge is an annual event that brings together beers from around the world to be assessed by an international jury. The event offers participants the opportunity to gain recognition for their beers and contributes to the promotion of beer culture globally.