Winners of the Texas Craft Brewers Cup Revealed at Brewers Gathering in Austin

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild awarded 93 medals to 65small and independent breweries from across the Lone Star State in the nonprofit trade association’s third annual statewide craft beer competition.

The best Texas craft beers in 31 medal categories covering 150+ different beer styles were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals during an awards ceremony at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s Annual Meeting at the Hilton Austin on Saturday, February 17. Judging took place February 2-4 in Austin with 55 judges evaluating 956 anonymized entries from 170 breweries hailing from all different corners of the state. The Texas Craft Brewers Cup judging pool was composed of experienced brewing industry professionals and members of the homebrewing
community with extensive Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judging experience.

“With each passing year, the Texas Craft Brewers Cup becomes more than just a competition—it’s
a symbol of the creativity, commitment to quality, and spirit of collaboration that have become
hallmarks of our vibrant Texas craft beer landscape,” said Caroline Wallace, Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. “The Texas Craft Brewers Cup not only highlights the remarkable talents of our state’s brewers but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among these industry professionals.”

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild is also the organization behind the annual Texas Craft Brewers
Festival in Austin, and the Texas Brewery Passport app which helps beer enthusiasts find and visit
Guild member breweries across the state. The Texas Craft Brewers Cup is another event that
helps attract new fans and bring longtime beer lovers out to taprooms at a time when small and
independent breweries have a lot to gain from the promotion of Texas’ highest quality craft beers.

Texas Craft Brewers Cup Statistics

● 3rd annual competition
● 956 total beers judged
● 150+ beer styles
● 170 competing Texas craft breweries
● 31 medal categories
● 93 total medals awarded
● 65 medal winning breweries
● 2 Brewery of the Year winners (awarded based on cumulative medal points)
● 55 judges
● 18 amazing volunteers

Brewery of the Year Awards

Based on cumulative medal points(3 pointsfor Gold, 2 pointsfor Silver, 1 point for Bronze) acrossthe

Under 600 bbl Group: Maple Branch Craft Brewery (Fort Worth)
600+ bbl Group: True Anomaly Brewing (Houston)

Please visit Texascraftbrewersguild.org/cup for the full list of winning beers across all 31 medal
categories. Photos for media use are available in the Texas Craft Brewers Cup 2024 Media Kit.



As a member-driven organization, the Texas Craft Brewers Guild fights for the advancement of independent beer brewed in the Lone Star state. Together, we promote, propel, and protect our collective interests while enlisting our fellow Texans to raise a glass and join us. The Guild’s Board of Directors hail from craft breweries in all the major metropolitan regions of the state, as well as different brewery types and sizes to represent the Guild’s ~300 brewery members throughout the state, including operating breweries, as well
as those that are in the advanced planning stages. The Guild also welcomes allied trade, retail, education, and nonprofit members who support the craft brewing industry. To learn more about the Texas Craft Brewers Guild visit texascraftbrewersguild.org.