NISSOS are the first Beers to be certified for their high content of bioactive compounds beneficial to human health and wellbeing

Dear Beer Colleagues,

Having observed a growing consumer demand for the so called “better for you” foods and beverages our brewery decided, a few years ago, to adopt brewing practices that maximize the presence of antioxidant compounds in our beers.

To effectively communicate this important, differentiating feature we recently took the initiative to seek an independent standard that could certify the fact that NISSOS beers have higher than the usual content of bioactive compounds that benefit human health and wellbeing. In hope that you and your readers will find this enterprise interesting we are pleased to be sending you the attached, possibly, noteworthy announcement.  

Needless to say, we are always at your disposal to provide more info for this or any other of our activities. 

Sending you in addition to the press release attached, a related visual should you find it worth publishing: